Fly Fishing in the Waikato

Planning to head to the Waikato for a spot of fly fishing? Make Awenydd Bed & Breakfast your home-base away from home.

Central to many fishing fishing spots, after a day in and on the water, head back to ours for a hot spa, warm and cozy accommodation, self contained living, and a slice of rural Waikato life.

You'll need a fishing license of course and Fish & Game has all the information you'll need to secure a license to meet the NZ fishing regulations.  Be sure to view the MetService weather forecast and check river levels for the last 7 days so you are well prepared.

The information below has been sourced by so be sure to follow the links for more information on access, restrictions or areas of interest. It's by no means the only fishing spots -- in fact, we're sure you'll have plenty of secret spots tucked up your sleeves.

Lake Arapuni

Rainbow & Brown Trout

Lake Arapuni is a long narrow lake. There is very limited shoreline access for the angler and so most fishing requires using a boat. Consequently, trolling and harling are the most preferred methods but those who are willing to either drift or moor a boat and cast a fly or spinner around the weed beds can do very well. More Info

Lake Karapiro

Rainbow & Brown Trout

While there are fish throughout this lake, the best fishing is to be found at the head of the lake where the water leaves Arapuni Dam. In this section there is a good current that can support a large concentration of fish. More Info

Mangaohoi Stream

Mainly Rainbow Trout

The section where the Mangaohoi joins the Waipa can offer excellent fishing in the warmer months and late in the season when good numbers of fish will often congregate in preparation for running up the river to spawn.  More Info

Puniu River

Rainbow & Brown Trout

In the upper reaches the river is quite small and flows mostly through native bush. The water here is very clear and fish can be spotted and fished to. Wading is easy. The native bush means a little more skill is required to ensure that the angler is not frustrated by catching the vegetation. More Info

Waimakariri River

Rainbow Trout

The Waimakariri is a cold spring fed stream that remains clear except after the heaviest rain. In the upper reaches the river tends to run between heavily vegetated banks making wading necessary. More Info

Waipa River

Rainbow & Brown Trout

Above Toa Bridge, there is a 15km stretch of back-country water that flows over a gravel bed through some beautiful native bush and over rough farmland. The section of the river is a delight to fish, being a mixture of long gravel runs, rapids and pools. More Info

Waipapa Lake

Rainbow & Brown Trout

Lake Waipapa is a deep dark lake that is surrounded by bush-clad hills reaching down to the water'sedge. There are limited opportunities for the shoreline angler and most fishing is done from a boat. More Info

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